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~100+ years of women serving those in need~


EA’s century-long heritage is extremely rich in service to the Philadelphia region


The Emergency Aid was founded by eight Philadelphia women in 1914. Its efforts were initially directed to aid foreign relief during World War I and then to combat the horrific influenza epidemic. EA persevered through the 1920s and the Depression era, responding wherever they saw great need.


During World War II, EA secured and sent relief supplies to the Allies. It provided housing information for officers and enlisted men and women. The organization also sold over $68 million in war bonds. The Emergency Aid became the largest volunteer women’s organization in the Philadelphia area.


In 1984, when the Foundation was formed, the members infused the spirit and tradition of its past with a renewed awareness of ever changing conditions, and with the flexibility to respond to those needs.


EA’s mission is accomplished through Grants to non-profit organizations, through Founders Awards which recognize and mentor outstanding girls during their high school years, and through four-year College Scholarships for selected Founders’ girls. 


The Foundation continues to be driven by an active membership of women volunteers who give generously of their time, talent and financial resources to carry on the work of The Emergency Aid of Pennsylvania Foundation.

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